“HOW” IOT works?

In the last blog post, we have seen “WHAT” is IOT? Its significance, how it improves our lifestyle and about the disruptive impact that it can create in our life.

In this post, let us try to dig deeper and see what IOT is all about and how it works. Through internet, you can connect computers, smartphones, ATM’s and various other computing systems that can be identified through an IP address. You can get an idea on the working of internet through the below imag2.“HOW” IOT works



Pic Courtesy:Stanford University

In simple terms, one computer is connected to another through devices like modem, router and an Internet Service Provider. The connection can be through cables or satellites and can happen across the globe through the HTTP protocol.

The next generation communication comprised of connecting the smart phones to the internet, which means one computer can communicate with another computer or a smartphone can transfer data to a computer as long as each had a specific IP and is connected to an internet service provider.

Now, consider the below image which shows how IOT works

When we extend this concept of networked smartphones and computers with other devices like sensors, actuators and micro controllers, they form an exciting combination called “Internet of Things”, pretty simple isn’t it? The sensors absorb the data, transmit it through the internet so that an application processes the data and communicate it to you via your computer or smartphone. It doesn’t stop with just displaying data and can go on controlling your electronic equipment, home appliances and what not? It all works automatically like a charm!

Let me give you a very simple example to help you understand the benefits of IOT. Imagine a situation where you want to switch on your bedroom AC when you are driving and 30 minutes away from your home. Equipment in your car should communicate with your AC, switch it on and set the desired temperature so that when you reach your home and enter your bedroom, you are greeted with a room where the temperature makes you comfortable.

In the same way, you can control any appliance in your home from wherever you are. Hold your breath! This is just a tip of an iceberg on what IOT can do for you. In the next article, we will take a look at the key components that form the backbone of IOT.


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