“WHAT” is IOT?

“An exciting world of Internet of Things “

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IOT (Internet of Things) is a fascinating jargon that you hear everywhere and as days progress; you are going to hear this more and more. As it is one big thing that is waiting to explode and disrupt the entire world, it is very important to understand its basics such as things like how it works, where it can be used and how it could change our lives and make it easier.

I am super excited about this technology as it would bring in lot of positive changes and modifications in our day to day life. In the coming days, I will use this platform to share my knowledge on this topic continuously as I keep analyzing and researching on it.

Today, let us take a look at a bit of history on how this technology evolved and what is its current state. In the upcoming articles, we will dive deep into it and understand the business dynamics, technical facets and the exciting IOT stuff that is currently available in the market.

I want you to tickle your imagination a bit to start with. Let us travel back and visit our earlier generation and imagine how they would have lived. Let us time travel and see how technology has improved our lifestyle over the period of time. Our earth is estimated to be 4.5 billion years old and the Stone Age man and women lived a very simple life as they didn’t have much options or choices to make. They ate raw food by hunting, rubbed stones to make fire, lived inside caves and rocks, drank water from river and lakes, exchanged things through barter system and I leave it to your imagination on how the early humans would have lived.

Let us travel a bit forward and see how technology came into picture as one invention led to another and the entire world was changed. The wheel as a moving platform was invented in 3500 BC. The wheel when combined with an axle can be used to move around things easily. Today, everything ranging from transportation, levers, motors, turbines etc are centered around the principle of the wheel. This surely is a disruptive invention and we have been using it all around us.

The compass which would show the direction was invented in 1000 to 1100 AD. The printing press in 1440 AD, electricity in 1600, Combustion engine in the 19th century, Telephone in 1876, Light bulb in 1879, computers in 1938 and the biggest ever, the internet in the 1960’s. We will focus on the last two, the computer and internet as they are very relevant to our understanding of Internet of Things.

We use so many things in our day to day life ranging from refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, cars, television, air conditioners, dish washers, portable blood sugar testing machine, blood pressure monitoring machine and so many exciting stuff that has made our lives easier and enjoyable. I know that you are surprised that I have missed out mobile phones especially the smart phones!

The internet paved the way to connect computers together through their IP address (their unique names on the network). Then came a time where you could connect your smart phone to the computer and exchange data. Now, imagine a situation where every device starting from your microwave oven to the car is connected together in a network through a unique IP address. You can grow this network by connecting computers, mobile phones, various management applications like the health record management, personal management etc and extract data that could be processed and meaningful insights arrived at. This in essence is the Internet of Things (IOT). In simple terms, you connect various things (computers, smart phones, devices, application systems) together and enable them to serve you better.


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The term Internet of Things was coined by Kevin Ashton in the year 1999 and it is expected that by the year 2020, 50 billion devices will be connected together, that is a staggering average of 6 devices per person. The interaction between devices, people and things will keep on increasing at a rapid rate. This will be powered by cloud computing, High power internet comprising of 4G/5G technologies, data processing and analytic through big data and associated technologies.

Folks, if you have followed so far, you would sense that IOT is nothing but old wine served in a new bottle as how cloud computing mirrors the mainframe era. But, the adaption to IOT will be phenomenal as it directly disrupts our lives in every way. In my next post, I will go a bit deeper into this exciting topic.

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